What is a Skills Center?

Washington State Skills Centers are an integral part of the education K-12 system, operating as an extension of the high schools within a local region. The primary purpose of Skills Centers is to give students the academic and work skills to successfully enter the job market or advanced education and training. Skills Centers provide cost-effective, quality job training in programs that would be too expensive to offer at every high school.

Our Mission

Our mission ensures that all students acquire leadership, academic, and industry-defined skills and are prepared for all post-secondary options after high school.

Our Vision

Skills Centers are regional secondary schools that provide extended, industry-defined technical education preferred for its high quality, flexibility and advantages for workforce placement and advancement.

Our Goals

  1. School Reform: To position Skills Centers as key partners with school districts, resulting in increased student achievement in an ever-changing school reform environment.
  2. Data-driven Decision-making: To implement data systems that drive continuous improvement.
  3. Legislation/Funding Initiative: To preserve and expand funding for Skills Center cooperatives during the Legislative Session.
  4. Long-term Capital Funding:   To develop and incorporate into State Board of Education/Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction policy/rules language for future capital construction needs.
  5. Marketing:   To develop understanding among stakeholders of the benefits provided by a Skills Center education.