Summer School

Benefits of Attending Skills Center Summer School Programming:

  • Additional training for students already enrolled in a Skills Center program
  • Introductory training for students entering programs in the fall
  • Exploratory opportunity for high school students looking for career-focused options for their high school 4-year plan
  • Short-term specialized training programs designed for entry-level employment for students who have not had the opportunity to attend because of schedule conflicts
  • Discovery of an area of expertise
  • Earn high school credit

Who Attends Skills Center Summer School:

In surveys completed by students attending a skill center summer session, on average:

  • 30% are seniors
  • 23% juniors
  • 25% sophomores
  • 21% freshmen
  • 43% have a 3.0 and above GPA
  • 35% have attended previous summer sessions
  • 36% attend to gain job skills and explore a career
  • 31% plan to work and attend a community college
  • 21% will work and attend a four-year college after graduation
  • 74% rate their experience in summer session very high